Searching for Twitter lists

Have you ever tried searching for Twitter lists but whatever you try you cannot find a way to search for them.

Twitter Lists

Twitter lists are great to cut down on the noise and they help you to see what you want to see but searching for one from Twitter search is impossible.

The one thing missing from Twitter Search and it’s big brother Advanced Search, is the ability to search for a Twitter List.

To search for a Twitter list you will have to head over to Google and enter the following into the search bar and replace {Search term} with the word you are searching for. inurl:lists {search term}


If you wanted to search for a list that includes the word ‘snapchat‘ the result would be :-


lists search result for snapchat

Diweddariadau Facebook mewn mwy na un iaith

Ydych chi’n rhannu diweddariadau Facebook amlieithog?

Yn aml iawn mae tudalennau Facebook amlieithog yn gallu cynnwys diweddariadau mewn mwy na un iaith. Mi all hyn wneud y diweddariad yn hir i ddarllen ac weithiau’n edrych yn flêr.

Mae hi’n bosib rhannu diweddariadau Facebook mewn mwy na un iaith gyda dim ond un o’r ieithoedd yn ymddangos ar wal y darllenwr. Trwy fynd mewn i osodiadau’r tudalen a mynd lawr i waelod y tudalen, mi welwch Post in Multiple Languages. Trowch hwn ymlaen.

Facebook options, sut i droi mwy na un iaith ymlaen

Nawr, pan fyddwch yn rhannu diweddariad mi allwch ddewis yr opsiwn ddiofyn ac unrhyw ieithoedd arall. Mi fydd y darllenwr yn gweld y diweddariad yn yr iaith maen nhw wedi gosod Facebook i fod neu’r opsiwn ddiofyn os rydych ddim wedi rhannu yn eu hiaith nhw.

Diweddariad Facebook mewn mwy na un iaith

Yr unig broblem gyda’r opsiwn amlieithog ydi pan fyddwch yn rhannu’r diweddariad ymlaen ar dudalen arall. Beth fydd yn digwydd ydi mi fydd y diweddariad Saesneg yn cael ei ddangos pob tro oherwydd does yna ddim gosodiadau iaith ar dudalennau Facebook.

Dilynwch fy nhudalen ar Facebook

Os oes gennych unrhyw sylw, rhannwch ef isod.


Hootsuite says hello to videos

Hootsuite video familyHootsuite has announced that you can now manage your social media videos from it’s dashboard. This means Youtube integration with support for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram videos.

They have chosen now because currently social media is all about video and this is going to grow even more in the future. In a report published by Cisco last year, it projects that by 2019 every second, a million minutes of video content will travel across the internet and globally, consumer internet video traffic will be 80 percent of all consumer Internet traffic in 2019, up from 64 percent in 2014.


From Hootsuite’s dashboard you can now approve, schedule, and publish video to the four main social video platforms. From the dashboard, you can also monitor comments and collaborate with other team members to respond faster.

Youtube now has 80 billion users, that’s almost one third of all internet users.80% of YouTube’s views are from outside of the U.S.A.


With YouTube in the Hootsuite dashboard you are able to:

  • Upload, schedule, and publish video and then share the URL across other social networks on your dashboard
  • Read, approve, delete, and ban comments
  • Monitor your video content and relevant keyword search streams to get a better handle on what your customers are interested in
  • Grant access to and organize team members to improve workflow around publishing, monitoring, and engagement
  • Listen to and engage with your YouTube viewers on the go using the Hootsuite mobile app
  • Discover how your videos are performing with the YouTube Analytics app in the Hootsuite App Directory

As with other social media platforms, engagement is important. The following video will show you how you can connect with your online community through Hootsuite.


The following infographic will share with you some key statistics related to social media video.


Youtube infographic from Hootsuite


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