Are you still using the old Twitter logo?

How many of you are still using the old pre-November 2011 Twitter T logo?

Twitter T logo

Pre-November 2011 Twitter T logo

Twitter bird logo

Current Twitter bird logo

Have a look at any of your promotional material and/or website that includes the Twitter logo. Does the logo look like a t or a bird?

In November 2011, the logo was changed from the small t to the blue bird that is currently being used.

It is unbelievable how much promotional material out there that includes the old logo. Using the old logo makes your promotional material look amateurish, unprofessional and, of course, old-fashioned.

Social media ‘experts’, web designers, graphic designers and printing companies are the main culprits for this mistake. They of all people should make sure that the logos they use are current and up to date. Personally, I would be reluctant to use any business that produces any work that includes the old logo especially the ones that call themselves social media ‘experts’. I did once spot that a so-called social media ‘expert’ was using the old logo on their promotional material. I raised this with them and the reply I received in return was “it was only a problem for you mate”.

If you do ask people to create promotional material for you or your business, make sure that you ask for a proof before the promotional material goes public.

For more details, please visit the Twitter Brand Assets page