How to Improve Your Social Media Profile

Twitter Egg profile picture

When people look to follow you on social media they look for a profile that is complete and that provides the information that the person is looking for. With an incomplete and untidy looking profile people will not follow you.

Optimize your profile and cover image

Your profile picture and cover image will be the first thing that people look at when they visit your profile. What does it make people think about the quality of your brand if your images are blurry or stretched? You need images that make a good impression.

You can change your cover image as often as you wish. Use it as your shop window to feature new products that you sell, events coming up or a picture of the employees.

Keep your profile picture consistent across all platforms. That’s the first thing that people look for when they search for you on social media. If you change your profile picture to something that people cannot associate with you. It’s easy to get lost in the crowd.

A great website that helps you create great images of the correct size is Canva.

Be consistent across all platforms

Have a consistent name across all networks. If you use different account names it will cause confusion. Using the same images and colour schemes on your different accounts will help people to recognise you. Being inconsistent will make you less appealing to people looking to follow you.

Make yourself searchable

Use relevant keywords in your bio. Profiles using keywords will rank better in search results. Keywords must be relevant to you.

Make sure each bio section is filled in

It’s amazing how many social media profiles have got incomplete bios. Make sure you fill each section with a description that is accurate and which contains good quality information.

Be aware that Twitter limits your bio to 160 characters.

Link to your other social media profiles and website

Linking to your other profiles will help to drive traffic and it helps to distinguish between real and bogus accounts.

Facebook Custom address

Having a Facebook address similar to is far better than the default provided by Facebook.

To change your address on Facebook go to


If you can think of other ways to improve a social media profile please leave a comment below.