Mistakes companies make on social media

Not modifying the default design

Keeping the default design is going to look amateurish. Modify the default design to show your personality.

Only talking about yourself

Keep updates about your company to about 2 out of 10, keep the other 8 out of 10 to share updates from other users and to chat with others.

Disappearing for a long time

Be consistent on social websites, that’s trick with social websites. A social media website that is not updated is not going to have a lot of new followers.

Not responding to other users

Social media is a dialogue not a monologue.

Deleting negative comments

Receiving negative comments on your social sites is not fun, but removing them will make your company look bad. Respond respectfully and do everything you can to make the situation better for any user who feels they have been wronged in some way.

Too many updates

Posting too often may lead to users unfollowing you, little and often is best.

Sharing the same update for all platforms

If you share the same update to all sites, your followers are just going to follow one social media website.

Showing how many that follows and unfollows you have

Sharing an update that shares with everyone how many have followed and unfollowed you recently is going to let your competitors see how popular you are.

Overusing hashtags

Using more than one hashtag is going to look like spam, the only exception to this is Instagram.

Sending private messages to people you do not know

Using a private message to send a message to thank people for following, advertise your website etc is going to make you look amateurish and can lead to users unfollowing you.

Use of business accounts as a private one

Keep the two apart. Talking about politics, sport etc. it not going to gain you many new users. Remember that the business account is going to represent your company’s image.