Use Hootsuite to keep 2016 resolutions

See how you can use Hootsuite to keep to your 2016 social media resolutions.

Have you made your social media resolutions for 2016 yet? Did you know that you can use Hootsuite to help you to keep to your 2016 resolutions.


Hootsuite dashboard

See what your new followers are sharing

Click on and add the ‘+ Add Stream’ button and then ‘New Followers’ to see a stream of what your most recent followers are sharing. You can then make a decision as to whether they are worthy of a follow back.

Slow down

Use the AutoSchedule function to spread out your posts more evenly through the day. You can change the frequency of AutoSchedule posts by clicking on the gear icon.


Keep an eye on what they are sharing on Instagram by creating a stream on your dashboard. Did you know that you can schedule your Instagram posts from the dashboard?

Take part in HootChat

In the top right-hand corner of the Hootsuite dashboard click on the 🔍 icon and enter your hashtag. After you press enter you’ll see all the recent tweets containing the hashtag. At the bottom of the quick search box will see a ‘save to stream’ button, this will allow you to save the hashtag search as a stream in your tab.



Hootsuit Ambassador logo

Follow the great content that the Hootsuite Ambassadors are sharing by following the #HootAmb hashtag on Twitter and Instagram.

Give them a follow



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